Monday, December 7, 2009


Somehow I've always had the idea that the main thing is to keep fighting and sooner or later in Jesus name you will be victorious.  And the  rest of that idea is if you keep showing up God will take your part. The rest will be history.

But because God loves me He allowed me to learn something that will keep me from being a casualty of the next battle.

It is this:  don't go into the battle discouraged.

I discovered that emotional pain may open the door to demonic oppression.

I was well aware that sin, or rebellion, or going to battle uncovered could make one a target for the enemy. Since he works by legal rights there are circumstances under which he can get permission to attack.

But a prophet suggested to me that pain can cause demonic oppression or the entrance of a spirit of infirmity. So I began a study of the subject of how emotional pain relates to sickness and oppression.
Jesus carried our pain according to Isaiah 53:3. Just as we allowed Him to carry our sins away we must allow Him to carry away our pain.

It is our responsibility to take our sins to the cross; it works the same with emotional pain.  Take the pain from rejection, trauma, abuse, betrayal, and loss and let Him carry it for you. I learned that He expects us  to do this. If we continue to carry the pain it becomes an open door whereby the enemy can bring in oppression and sickness.

I made the mistake of going to battle discouraged.  I unwittingly carried my pains into battle with me.
The enemy was looking for a chance to harrass and oppress me.

The way we rid ourselves of emotional pain is through forgiving the people or situations that caused the pain. The way Jesus carries our pain is through forgiveness. "Father forgive them; they know not what they do. 

An example of how we can find covering from the enemy is found in a statement by Kenneth Hagin.
He shows howan attitude of love and  forgiveness takes away the pain we might otherwise hold on to.  He said, "I refuse to harbor the least bit  of animosity, ill will or wrong feelings.  If the lease bit tries to creep into my heart I get after it. Wrong feelings toward other do me damage".

Mark 11:23-25 is a tremendous faith promise.  But it cannot be claimed unless verse 26 is made as important as these verses that promise we can move mountains by speaking faith.  That next verse says,
And when you stand to pray, forgive if you have ought against any.

In order to have faith that wins in the battle without becoming a casualty, we must walk continually in love and forgiveness. Then there will be no place for the enemy to take advantage or cause a setback..